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Provide value for money furniture products and services

Provide value for money furniture products and services

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2019/01/16 11:06
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How to achieve value for money in furniture procurement? How to provide good products and services to government users? On July 5th, the “Office Furniture Purchasing Information Communication Meeting” jointly organized by Beijing Furniture Industry Association and Government Procurement Information Report/Net was held.
Relevant persons in charge of the government procurement center of the central government and the Beijing Municipal Government Procurement Center, some purchasers of the ministries and commissions, the military, universities and representatives of 30 excellent office furniture enterprises gathered together to make in-depth exchanges and provide suggestions for promoting the healthy development of the office furniture industry.
Introducing full life cycle prices
“Value for money is the consistent concept of government procurement systems in all countries. The value of government procurement in China should be introduced to the full life cycle price.” As the all-media professional platform for government procurement, Liu Yali, the founder of the government procurement information newspaper, called on the government. Procurement should introduce the concept of a full life cycle.
Liu Yali said that the initial purchase cost can not measure the quality of the product. Some products have low initial purchase cost, but the high cost of use makes the cost of the whole life cycle very high and should not be promoted. “The so-called value for money means that the purchased goods meet the demand and the price of the whole life cycle. The three major costs of purchase cost, use cost and disposal cost constitute the price cost of the whole life cycle.”
“Furniture procurement is not only a simple material procurement, but also should be compatible with the image of the purchasing unit. Although the government procurement evaluation standards involve technology and services, it can really reflect the proportion of furniture design, technology, technology and quality. However, it is difficult to determine the quality and service level of the product by technical parameters and services alone, so it is inevitable that the phenomenon of winning the lowest price will often occur," said He Fazhen, president of the Beijing Furniture Industry Association.
In order to ensure the objectivity and fairness of procurement activities, Hefa suggested that the expert arguments should be organized in the stage of bidding documents to analyze the procurement requirements and form a legal, reasonable, scientific and professional bidding without prejudice. Secondly, furniture manufacturers should be honest and trustworthy, should not aim at low-price bidding, and neglect product quality and service; third, process monitoring during the implementation of the contract, the procurement unit conducts spot checks from time to time, and finds problems in time for rectification Fourth, form a comprehensive evaluation system, form a corresponding evaluation report on the completed project, publicize the untrustworthy behavior in a timely manner and make corresponding punishments to achieve the warning function.
Return to the purchaser
What measures will be introduced for furniture procurement?
At the meeting, Chen Jia, the government procurement center of the central state government (hereinafter referred to as the “National Mining Center”) introduced the basic policies of the centralized procurement platform of the central government agencies and the basic rules that suppliers must follow, and publicly invited and tendered furniture. The procurement process and policy requirements of the procurement project are explained in detail. Chen Jia introduced that in line with the idea of ​​“returning to the purchaser”, the National Mining Center’s fixed-point procurement process was greatly reduced this year. For each unit of single and batch purchase of less than 500,000 yuan, the purchaser can directly determine the supplier after the inquiry within the specified range; the purchase amount is 500,000-100,000 yuan, and the purchaser chooses 3 or more. Or randomly select 3 or more fixed-point enterprises to make quotations in the fixed-point procurement system, and determine the transaction suppliers according to the principle of “equal service and best price”; for projects with a purchase amount of more than 1 million yuan, the purchaser shall be the sole project entrusting country. The mining center shall organize and implement according to relevant methods. "When bidding, we must consider the "Standards for the General Office Equipment Furniture Configuration of the Central Administrative Unit". Do not exceed the standard. In addition, the same purchaser shall not use more than 2 million yuan to purchase similar office furniture in the same financial year. Otherwise, the corresponding electronic acceptance The single country mining center will not be reviewed." Chen Jia said.